0.0 1.0
 3 7.7 6.1 2.1
  2 10.7* 9.1**
Total 100.0% 90.3%

*P<0.05; **: P<0,001. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ **3.2.** **Comparison of the results of the study with the results obtained by other researchers** --------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 Mavrogeni et al. [[@B18]] Results of the analysis of the data from the National Health Insurance Fund of the Czech Republic. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 Hwang et al., [[ [[3](#B3){ref-type="other"}] Analysis of the claims data of the National health Insurance Fund for the year 2000. ==================================================================================================================================================== 3 Lee et al, [[4](#S4){ref=] [[5](#C5){ref} The data of claims for the period from January 1st, 2000 to December 31st, 2001. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 Kim et al [[6](#T6){ref"} Data of claims of the Korean National Health Service for the years 1996, 1997, 1998, and 1999. ------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3.3  The results of studies on the use of the Internet in health care -------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 Karkhaneh et al Internet use in health services A qualitative study on the Internet use among patients with chronic diseases. -------------------------------------------------------------- 6 Eftekhari et al* [[7](#SS3){Borj->> Prospective study of the use and impact of Internet in the health care system.
7 Zareba et al’ Use of the internet in the management of patients with diabetes.

4.  The results on the effectiveness of the treatment of diseases by the use Internet

The effectiveness of treatment of patients by the Internet has been studied by many researchers. The most important factors of effectiveness of Internet treatment are:

1. Β *Timely access to information*. It is important to have timely access to the information, because the Internet is a very convenient and cost-effective way to receive information.
2. Β  *Convenient search for information*. Internet provides a convenient and easy way to find the information. The search for the information is easy because the information can be found on the website of the company.
3 Β Β *Ease of use of Internet*. The Internet is easy to use because it is available to everyone.
4 *Availability of information*. The information is available on the internet, which is convenient for the users.
5   *Efficiency of the information*. Because the information on the site of the health service is updated quickly.
6    *Relevant information*. Information is updated regularly, which allows the users to find out the latest information.
The effectiveness of internet treatment in the treatment for various diseases has been demonstrated by many studies. The effectiveness is shown by the decrease in the number of hospitalizations, the increase in the quality of life, and the decrease of the costs.
In the study by Karkhanen et al on the effect of Internet on the treatment effectiveness, the results have been presented. The study was conducted on the patients with hypertension, diabetes, and dyslipidemia. The results of this study are presented in Table [4](/4) [[8](#TB8){ref_4]. The results show that the effectiveness in the Internet treatment is higher than in the usual treatment. The Internet treatment has a positive effect on the health of the patients.
The Internet is an effective and convenient way to obtain information. It is easy for the user to find information on different topics. The information can also be found in the form of videos. The videos are easy to find on the websites of the companies. The advantages of the website are:
1  *Access to information from a wide range of sources*. The company provides the information from different sources.
   *Easy navigation*. The user can find the desired information easily.
1 2 β€œ*Easy to use interface*”. The user does not have to learn a complicated interface.
It is convenient to use the Internet. The user has the opportunity to find a wide variety of information. This is very important for the health professionals.
One of the main advantages of using the Internet for the treatment is the timely access. The users can find out information about the disease and its treatment.
This is very convenient for patients because they do not have time to visit a doctor.