The German national team is in a terrible state. After the defeat in the World Cup, the team is still not in the best shape. In the Bundesliga, the situation is even worse. The team has no chance to win the championship.
This is why the team’s performance is so bad. The players are tired of playing in the same team and do not want to play in the Champions League.
However, the German national football team is not the only team in the world that is in such a bad shape. The situation in the Premier League is even more serious. The teams are not in a good shape.

The last time the EPL was so bad was in the season 2015-16. The main reason for this was the failure of Manchester City. The club was in a bad state. The previous season, the club was the champion, but lost the title to Liverpool.
In the current season, Manchester City is not in such good shape either. The squad of Pep Guardiola is not very strong. The leaders of the club, such as Aguero, Sterling, and De Bruyne, are not performing at their best.
If the team fails to win a trophy, then the club will not be able to compete with the leaders of other teams.
What is the future of the team in English Premier League?
The situation in English football is not good. The Premier League has become a place for the leaders. The clubs are not able to play with the teams that are much weaker.
Manchester City is one of the teams in the English Premier league that is not able compete with its rivals. The EPL is becoming more and more difficult for the clubs.
Recently, the teams have lost their main stars. The failure of the clubs in the transfer market is one reason for the decline in the performance of the Premier league.
It is not clear what the future holds for the team. Guardiola’sthe team is very strong, but it is not enough to compete against the teams from the lower divisions.
Will the team be able compete for the title in the future?
In general, the EFL Cup is a place where the teams can show their best game. The current season has shown that the club from Manchester City can not compete with other teams in England.
Many experts believe that the team will not win the title this season. Guardiola’s team will lose points in the domestic arena.
Now, the main goal of the Manchester City team is to get into the Champions league. The last time this happened was in 2013.
Despite the fact that the previous season was not successful for the club in the Epl, the fans still want to see the team get into a higher level.
Do not forget that the current champion of England is the team that has the worst results in the current campaign.
Why do the fans of Manchester United want to win gold medals?
Manchester United is a team that is considered the main contender for the champion title. The season has already shown that Manchester United is not a team for the long tournament distance.
After the defeat at the hands of Liverpool, the players of the Red Devils were not in good shape and did not show their maximum.
A lot of fans were disappointed with the performance. The fans wanted to see a lot of changes in the team, and the players did not deliver.
There are several reasons for the poor results of the players.
One of the main reasons for this is the transfer ban. The ban was imposed by the management of the English club. The transfer ban was introduced in order to get rid of the problems of the previous seasons.
Another reason for Manchester United’slackening is the injuries of the leaders, such a Pogba. The player is not performing well.
Fans of the Old Trafford team are not satisfied with the results of their team.
Who will win the champion?
There is a chance that the Red devils will not get into top 4. The problem with the team of Jose Mourinho is that it is too weak. The coach of the Portuguese team does not have the strength to play against the leaders in the top division.
Also, the squad of the coach is not balanced. The Red devils have too many leaders, but not enough players to play on the same field.
Most of the time, the leaders are not playing well. The Mourinho’spartiality is one factor that will affect the results.
At the end of the season, it will be very difficult for Manchester united to win any trophy.
Where can fans watch the matches of the Eredivisie?
Fans can watch the games of the Dutch Eredivaisie in live mode. The matches of this championship are very interesting and exciting.
Of course, the matches are not the best, but they are not that bad.
Live football is a great opportunity to follow the events of the championship and its participants.
You can follow the results on the website of sports statistics. The website presents the results from all over the world.
For example, the website presents data from the matches held in the championship of Holland.
All the information about the matches is available on the site.
Here, the users can find the schedule of the matches, as well as the statistics of the game.