The last time Manchester United lost to Chelsea was in the season of the “red”. The Red Devils were beaten by the Blues by the score of 2:0. It was the first time in the last 10 years that the team from Old Trafford lost in the first round of the Champions League.
However, the team has not lost to the Blues in the Europa League since the season 2000. The last time the Red Devils lost to them in the EPL was in 2014. The team was defeated by the Red and Blues by a score of 1:2.
The current season of Manchester United is quite different from the previous one. The club has a new head coach, Jose Mourinho. The Portuguese coach has been working for the Red devils for a long time. He has won the Champions Cup and the Europa Cup.
So far, the results of the team are not very good. The Mourinho’s team is not in the Champions league. The main problem of the Mourinho‘s team was the lack of motivation. The coach was not able to get the motivation to win the game.

The team was not in a good shape even before the start of the season. The players were tired of the constant changes and the lackadaisical attitude of the coach. The previous season, the players were not able even to get into the Europa league.
This year, the Mourinho’s team has a lot of chances to win trophies. The following factors are responsible for the success of the Portuguese coach:
1. Good selection of players. The squad of the Red-and-Blues has a good selection of football players. This is the main reason for the team’ success.
2. Motivation of the players. Jose Mourinho has managed to get motivation from the fans and the club. The motivation is the fact that the Mourinho team is expected to win gold medals in the domestic and international tournaments.
3. Tactical flexibility of the club’ coach. Jose has managed not to rely on the tactics too much. This allows him to make the most of the opponent’ situation.
In the current season, Manchester United has a number of chances of winning the domestic championship. The current season is very important for the club, because it will be the first to decide the fate of the champion title.
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Football results of Manchester City and Liverpool
The season of English football is in full swing. The Premier League is in the middle of its campaign. The new season of this competition is very interesting for fans.
It is worth recalling that the previous season was the most successful for the London team. The City and the Citizens were the main favorites of the tournament. The season of 2016 was a real surprise for the Citizens.
After the first rounds, the club was in a very good shape. The Citizens were in the top 4 of the Premier League. However, the season was not without its problems.
At the same time, the Citizens managed to win a number one position in the League Cup. The success of this club is a proof that the fans’ support is not a waste of time.
Manchester City was one of the main contenders for the champion titles. However the Citizens had a lot to do to get to the top of the standings. The most important thing for the City was the performance of the teams in the English Premier League and the League cup.
New season of EPL
The new season has started with a lot more emotions. The fans are waiting for the results from the teams that will decide the champion of England. The EPL is a very intense and exciting tournament.
As for the teams, Manchester City is in a great shape. This season, it is much easier to follow the results on the website of sports statistics. The performance of this team is very impressive. The citizens have a good lineup and a good teamwork.
Liverpool is another team that is in good shape, although it is not the most popular among the fans. The Reds have a number 1 and a number 2. The number 1 position is occupied by the team of Jurgen Klopp.
Despite the fact, that the club is not as successful as the Citizens, the fans are still waiting for a champion title for the Reds.
Live football results of other teams
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There are a lot interesting events in the football world. You can find out the results for the matches of the following teams:
* Chelsea;
* Manchester United;
* Tottenham Hotspur;
* Arsenal;
and so on.
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All football results on one platform
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