The tournament is in full swing, and the main focus is on the football. This year, the tournament is held in the European arena, which means that the main competitions are held in England, France, Germany and the Netherlands.
This year, England has a rather special place in the list of the most important teams. The team has won the tournament for the first time in a long time. The main reason for this is the excellent performance of the team.
In the past, England had a rather unstable performance in international tournaments. However, this year the team is more confident, and it has a good chance to win gold medals.

The main favorites of the tournament are:
* Manchester United;
* Liverpool;
* Chelsea;
* Tottenham;
and * Arsenal.
All of them have a good selection of players, which allows them to play in the most prestigious club tournament of the Old Continent.
You can always find the results of the matches of the English Premier League on the sportsmail website. Here, you can find the schedule of matches of each day, as well as the results.
Results of the UEFA Champions League
The UEFA Champions league is the most popular tournament of this year. The tournament is played for the title of the best club in Europe. The most popular teams are: Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus, PSG, Bayern, Juventus and Liverpool.
However, there is no team that can be called the main favorite of the Champions league. This is the case with:
1. Liverpool; and
2. Chelsea.
Both teams have a lot of problems, which is why they are not able to win the title. However this is not the only problem of the teams.
Liverpool is not very successful in the English championship. The club has not won the title for a long period of time. This can be seen in the results on the website of sports statistics.
Chelsea is not as successful, too. The squad of the Blues has a lot problems. This problem is obvious, since the team has not been able to qualify for the Champions League for a number of years.
UEFA Champions league fixtures
The Champions league starts on May 11. The first matches of this tournament are held on the first round, which gives the fans a chance to see the best football players.
Of course, the main favorites are the clubs that have won the Champions club tournament. However there are also teams that are considered the main contenders for the victory in this tournament.
These are: Ajax, Manchester United, Juventus.
At the website, you will find the information about the results and the fixtures of the first matches. You can follow the progress of the clubs in the tournament, as it is very important for the final result.
Fixtures of the next rounds
The next rounds of the competition are held between the teams that have not yet qualified for the next stage of the European tournament. The teams that will play in this stage are: ​​Barcelona, Manchester City, Liverpool, Bayern and Juventus. The next rounds are held every weekend.
It is possible that the teams will play a total of 12 matches in the next round. This will allow them to determine the position of the club in the ranking of the strongest clubs in Europe, which will be used to qualify them for the main tournament. You will find out the results in the section of the fixtures.
Football results of all the tournaments
The football season has already ended, and there is a chance that the fans will not miss the results at all. The fans can find out all the results, as they are available on the site of sports results. Here you can see the results not only of the main tournaments, but also of other competitions.
Among the most interesting competitions are: the Champions, Europa, Europa League, and other championships. The Champions league has already finished, but the Europa league is still going on. You have to wait until the end of the season to find out more about the tournament. In the future, the teams from the lower divisions will be able to play against the teams of the top divisions.
As for the football results, you should note that the season ended with a lot more victories than defeats. This means that there was a high probability that the clubs will be in the top 4 of the standings.
Main favorites of football tournaments
In addition to the clubs mentioned above, there are other teams that can become the main favourites of the tournaments. The following teams are considered:
• Manchester United.
• Liverpool.
• Barcelona.
They are the main clubs that can win the most trophies in the current season. The English Premier league is not a favorite of all tournaments, because the team of Jose Mourinho does not always play well. However the team does not have such a long bench.
If the team plays well, it can be a real surprise. You should note the fact that the team from the United is not always the best in the world. The reason for that is the following factors:
· insufficient selection of the players;
· insufficient motivation of the leaders.
Therefore, the team cannot always win the matches. However it is still a real favorite of most of the competitions. You need to see its football results to be sure about this.